Company - Expandixx GmbH


About our company.

Expandixx GmbH supports companies in their efforts to create German-Chinese business relations and expand their business internationally. The focus here is on the solar industry. Expandixx develops customised concepts and services for companies in line with market requirements that ensure the joint success of German and Chinese companies beyond cultural and language limitations. This philosophy is also anchored in the Expandixx corporate logo. The x, the mathematical symbol for multiplication – and ultimately also for profit and growth – is used twice here, signifying that Expandixx ensures profit on both sides. And this takes place across all areas: procurement, marketing and sales, as well as product, quality and process testing, are all completed in a fast, streamlined and practical manner.

One of the many reasons for this is that Expandixx is optimally positioned for its bridge function, with German headquarters in Stuttgart and a Chinese office in Peking.