FAQ - Expandixx GmbH


What else you should know about our products.

Who are the manufacturers that Expandixx works with?

All the manufacturers are OEM suppliers for large Chinese and German brands.

Can I buy directly from Expandixx?

Yes. After receiving your order, we buy directly from manufacturers in China ourselves for on-time delivery from the production line to you.

Is prepayment necessary when buying directly through Expandixx?

No. When ordering through Expandixx, you only pay after receiving the merchandise.

Who issues the warranty or the guarantee?

In compliance with legal regulations, you receive the warranty from Expandixx GmbH in Stuttgart or its German insurance company. The guarantee is issued directly by the manufacturer: in the case of a guarantee claim, your guarantee rights are efficiently asserted to the module manufacturers by Expandixx GmbH. This service is free of charge for you!

Are the solar modules produced in an environmentally conscious manner?

Yes. Our suppliers use German production line machinery. We only work with manufacturers that use what we consider to be impeccable ecological standards.

Can a high level of delivery reliability be assured?

Yes. This is guaranteed by Expandixx – as a German company, we have the same requirements as our customers. We guarantee delivery reliability by ensuring that our portfolio is made up of several manufacturers that offer uniform quality. The reliability of the products is guaranteed by our quality assurance process.

How long are the delivery times?

The delivery times normally range from 6 to 8 weeks after the order has been placed. In order to procure products for our customers at the most advantageous rate possible, we do not run a warehouse but deliver on-time from the production line to the construction site.

Can modules with special requirements also be ordered?

Yes. Our major strengths are our comprehensive overview of the Chinese solar market and our solid contacts to manufacturers. For this reason, we can always find the suitable quality module at an attractive price, even for projects with special requirements (e.g. special cell and frame colours or security for particularly high snow loads).

Any other questions?

Please use our contact form or call us on +49 (0)711 8068766.